Predictive Intelligence for Emerging Risk

Providing data driven leading indicators of risk to safeguard your most valuable assets


A behavioral intelligence platform designed to predict emerging risk

A torch is primal; it represents the first tool of mankind. A torch, carried by the hunter, illuminated hazards, frightened predators, and signaled the way forward. Torchlight AI is the modern pathfinder’s tool; leading the way through the morass of data, hazards, and threats. It sheds bright light on the unseen; a shining beacon carried by those who lead from the front.

  • Behavioral analytics to identify and accurately forecast threat activity.
  • Leading indicators of risk with customized business implications.
  • Exquisite intelligence, at scale, to safeguard physical and digital assets worldwide.

Torchlight Insights

Expert geopolitical risk analysis backed by behavioral analytics, on impacts to business from emerging risks.

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Torchlight Solutions

Enterprise and government solutions to address today’s most challenging risk.

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