Torchlight Insights

Torchlight Insights

Expert geopolitical risk analysis on impacts to business from emerging risks, backed by behavioral analytics

Expert analysis foreseeing global market developments and guiding decision makers through evaluating complex risks and opportunities

The global order is changing. Once stable relationships and markets are decoupling. This realignment is creating conflict in multiple interconnected domains, which invites complex risk: old geopolitical grievances are flaring, global powers are competing over markets and resources, and growing competition for information is constant from state and non-state actors. Today’s leaders require the ability to concisely understand the nature of these risks and how they impact business interests.

Intelligence Reports

Global awareness that details root causes of emerging risks, leverages behavioral analytics, and forecasts impacts to business.

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Regional and country level intelligence reporting.

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Trans-regional and cross-domain intelligence reporting.

Weekly Intelligence Summary

Weekly Intelligence Summary

Receive weekly updates on the latest risk assessments across the global intelligence landscape.